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About Shipping&Payment
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 About Shipping&Payment

  When you make an order we will send you an confirmation e-mail. If you want to receive your order you have to reply to RED NET that you approve the confirmation e-mail and that you will pay the order. If you don't reply or you don't confirm that you received the e-mail we won't deliver the order.

 [About Payment]
  You have two payment options:
  1. Chash on delivery.
  2. Money order.
  If you choose chash on delivery RED NET will send you the order and you will pay through your country post service.
  If you are from Romania the payment will be done in chash, through repayment sistem which is available by Romanian National Post.
  If you choose money order you have to make the payment in the next bank account:
 Make Payable To: 
 Bank account no.: 
 After you will pay RED NET will delever your order.

 [About Shipping]
 If you live in the Romania, you will receive your order between 1 and 3 days and between 3 and 20 working days if you are overseas as we show:

 The Romanian National Post - Air Mail
 Europe ......................... max 7 business days
 North and Central America .............. max 10 business working days
 Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, other ... max 12 business days

 The Romanian National Post - Ground Mail
 Europe ......................... max 14 business days
 North and Central America .............. max 20 business days
 Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, other... max 28 business days

 The shipping tariffs for Romania are:
 -  lei/kg plus % from package value.
 For other countries the shipping tariff include:
 - The tariff per kg.
 - The fixed tariff for a package.
 This tariffs are established by Romanian National Post.

 Also the shipping address must be the same with the billing address.
 For other information please contact us to the address


 or to the telephone:
 or e-mail us to 
If you want to
e-mail us click here
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